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Seattle Stretch SUV Limos: Be the Talk of the Town!

Stretch Lincoln Navigator Limousines

Nav Limo 1

Comfortable: 12 Passengers

Maximum: 14 Passengers

With spacious seating for up to 12 passengers with extra headroom, our new SUV stretch is certainly the talk of the town. Passengers will enjoy the ride of their life. This vehicle has all the comfort and style you will need for any occasion. Equipped with LCD screens, superb lighting system with fiber optics, and stereo, you will have the most unforgettable time of your life.

Nav Limo 2

Nav Limo 3

Nav Limo 4

Nav Limo 5

Nav Limo 6

Nav Limo 7

Nav Limo 8

Brand New Hummer Stretch Limousine (16 Pass)

You can expect a Hummer stretch limousine to be a party on wheels, just like a nightclub. The Hummer stretch limousine offers seating for up to 16 passengers. The H2 vehicle comes with the newly designed one-piece window on each side. This makes the H2 stretch a rare and special treat.

Our super-stretched H2 limos are equipped with chrome rims. They also feature rosewood stained bars, stainless-steel starlight ceiling, luxurious two-tone seating, and a high-end sound system. They have 4 multiple plasma TVs and DVD and CD players. Our H2 has the latest hi-tech electrical system with touch screen controls.

Comfortable: 14 Passengers

Maximum: 16 Passengers

Hummer Limo 1

Hummer Limo 2

Hummer Limo 3

Hummer Limo 4

Hummer Limo 5

Hummer Limo 7

Hummer Limo 6

Hummer Limo 8

Hummer Limo 9

Hummer Limo 10

Hummer Limo 11

New Stretch Cadillac Escalade ESV Limousine (22 Pass)

New Arrival!

Comfortable: 20 Passengers
Maximum: 22 Passengers

Escalade Limo 1

This inspiring 220″ stretch limo will leave you speechless. The entertainment system, featuring multiple LCD TVs and a true surround sound system, is amazing! It has a fill fiber optic ceiling and 5 amazing different bar areas. It has a sleek single long window look with triple rear A/C system. It has a separate VIP Section in the rear that holds up to 4 people.

Escalade Limo 2

Escalade Limo 3

Escalade Limo 4

Escalade Limo 5

Escalade Limo 6

Escalade Limo 7

Escalade Limo 8

Escalade Limo 10

Escalade Limo 9

Escalade Limo 11

Escalade Limo 13

Escalade Limo 12

Escalade Limo 14

Escalade Limo 15

Rear VIP Area

Escalade Limo 16

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