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Hourly Rates for Our Limos and More in Seattle

All fleet vehicles listed below are owned and operated by A&A Limousine.
  • Rates are per hour and based on a 4 hours minimum for Friday and Saturdays or 3 hours minimum (Sun to Thur)
  • Some areas are subject to a travel charge & Fuel Surcharges.
    • Tacoma/Camano Island/Mt. Vernon/Burlington/South Pierce County (One Hour Extra Charge)
    • Bellingham/Olympia (Two Hours Extra Charge)
  • 20% Chauffeur Gratuity will be added to All Above Prices
  • 3% STC surcharge  will be added to the final price
Don’t make a precious mistake! Most people wouldn’t hire the cheapest surgeon or stay at the cheapest hotel, yet 90% of limo goers shop for a limo service in this fashion. The biggest mistake you can make when hiring a limo service for your event is basing your decision solely on the “best price.” This translates into a large risk for you. Getting the “best price” is like choosing a surgeon who offers the least expensive surgery—a foolhardy choice. Give us a call and see the difference.

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