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7 Things to Think About Before Hiring a Limousine Service

When you rent a limo, you want a service that is pleasant, luxurious, and safe. You should research the limo rental firm before making any judgments, just like you would for any other service or purchase. Continue reading to discover about seven things to think about before selecting a limo service. Finding reputable transportation nowadays is difficult, which is why we’ve created this checklist to assist you in getting the most out of your transportation service. The most crucial thing to remember before booking with an unknown limo company is to double-check their validity. There are countless fraudulent companies in any field, including the limousine sector! Use the booking form to see what others are saying about the company you’re interested in, and always remember to check Yelp and Google reviews to ensure it meets your expectations! Make an appointment to see the vehicle you want to rent before you make a reservation. We’ve heard various horror stories about car quality from our customers, which is why you should try to inspect the vehicle before paying for it. Maintaining a budget while booking a limo is essential. Pick up the phone and call a few companies you trust, compare the quotes, and make your decision based on all of the above factors, including pricing!

Check referrals

One of the best ways to find the best limousine service is through word-of-mouth referrals. Find out which limousine services your coworkers, family, friends, or neighbors have used in the past. Discover what people liked best about the service. One of the most efficient ways to find the best limousine service is through a referral.

Check references and reviews

Before choosing the correct limousine service, seek a few references from neighbors, friends, and family. Obtain at least two to three references to provide you a range of options. Look through customer reviews to find out what people enjoy and don’t like about the product. This is the most efficient method of learning more about the company.

Check the number of years in business

The amount of years of experience is critical while transporting passengers. Several factors can sabotage a successful ride. For a smooth ride, hire a limousine service with years of experience in transportation. If you come across a newer company that offers everything you need, look into their team’s experience.

Check the size of fleet

Commonly available vehicles are Mercedes sprinters, party buses, shuttle buses, stretch limos, and extended SUVs. Each of these vehicles is designed to meet a specific set of needs. If you’re only traveling with two other people, a party bus or extended SUV is unnecessary. The average size of a fleet is five individuals. Keep in mind that smaller companies will have fewer alternatives and availability when booking a limousine service.

Review options in person

If you’re going to a prom or wedding, it’s best to see your options in person. Get an idea of what kind of vehicle you and your group will be hiring. Although some limo companies may display photographs of their vehicles on their websites, you should double-check that the vehicle you select is the one you will receive.

Check for safety

Verify if the limousine service is authorized to operate vehicles and transport customers. Is it true that they are covered by liability insurance? Is it true that chauffeurs are well-trained? Inquire about the examination and approval of their vehicles. If they are unable to provide this information, it is time to move on.

Find about the cost

When it comes to choosing the best limousine service, the cost is important. On top of the usual rate, certain limo companies levy additional fees. There may be administrative costs, fuel surcharges, gratuity fees, and toll fees for the driver. Your bill has risen by 30% over what you anticipated. Everything should be included in the final pricing.

A& A Limousine is recognized as one of the best limousine services in Seattle for a reason!

  • Affordable rates
  • Expensive vehicles expertly maintained
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Chauffeurs and highly skilled employees
  • Positive feedback all over the web!

Why not go for the best option? We make your booking experience one to remember, unlike our competitors, who only give half the quality and elegance that we do. From the moment you place your appointment to the time one of our stretch limos arrives at your destination, you will be astounded! We follow through on our commitments, which is why we ensure that our customers will receive the best possible transportation services! Stop wasting time on the internet and risking your satisfaction by calling us at 800-571-1008 today!

For Competitive Fun with Friends, Organize a Golf Limousine Tour

Golf is a peaceful, competitive sport that you probably don’t play as often as you’d like. Give yourself and your pals a well-earned day off to visit some of your favorite courses, crown a champion, and dine at your favorite restaurant. Organize a golf limousine trip to make it a day to remember. Imagine having plenty of space to relax, laugh about missing par by one shot, and have a drink in between courses. It’s simple to accomplish. All you need is a luxury, comfy limo to get you to each golf course in style.



Sure, you could load up your clubs and have everyone arrives separately as is customary. What’s the point of that? As you arrive in a stretch limo, everyone will be wondering who the VIPs are. After all, who wants to drive after a day on the course? Often, the extra driving precludes you from attending more than one course in a single day.

We’ll pick everyone up, assist you in loading your clubs, and handle all of the traffic. Instead of spending the day driving separately, you get to spend the entire day talking to your buddies. Even if you don’t score the coveted hole in one, the instant you step into the large room and order a beer or glass of wine, you’ll feel as if you did.



The perfect limousine fulfills the requirement for your golf limousine excursion. With such a large fleet to choose from, selecting the appropriate one might be difficult. Begin by determining how many people will accompany you. You’ll need enough space for everyone and their gear. A shuttle bus or a standard stretch can often accommodate larger groups, while a standard stretch can accommodate smaller groups. We always allow you to inspect our limousines in person. This ensures that you are aware of the type of limo you will be receiving. Plan prior, especially during busy periods like prom and wedding season, to ensure the correct limo is available.



The next step is to establish a course plan. If you start early in the morning, you may easily play at many different courses, providing greater variety and stress relief, unless, of course, you’re having the game of your life.

Don’t know where to begin? We’ve compiled a list of some of the alluring courses in the area. We’ll work with you to figure out the best way to fit in as many tee times as possible.



There is a widespread misperception that limos are exclusive for the wealthy and powerful. Well, that is a little off the mark. The limo is a vehicle that anyone, not just the rich, can utilize to feel what a luxurious drive is all about. There are various benefits to booking a limo. These are just a few of the many reasons why you should hire a limousine for your next golf tour.


  1. SAFETY: Nothing beats being chauffeured to your function in style while knowing your safety is assured. Driving may rapidly become a tedious chore, especially when you are responsible for transporting a group of raucous companions to and from an event. Noises and small conversations can be distracting, making it difficult to concentrate on the road and increasing the risk of an accident. By hiring a well-trained chauffeur, you may easily avoid accidents and other uncomfortable situations. These drivers have a lot of driving experience and are well-versed in safety procedures to ensure your and your companions’ safety.
  2. BETTER TIME MANAGEMENT: Nothing is more frustrating than being late for an event because you were unable to locate your destination on time, or worse, get lost. Hiring a limousine service saves you the stress of locating your event’s location or risks being late because the chauffeur is familiar with the quickest and most direct routes to your destination. A limo service can be the greatest option for more formal occasions like weddings because it allows you to relax while still arriving on time.
  3. FRIENDS STAY TOGETHER: The opportunity to travel in a group while yet enjoying a beautiful trip is one of the key advantages of riding in a limousine. Riding in big groups in a standard vehicle can be inconvenient, but the space given by a limousine solves this problem. You and your pals may have a great night out because the celebration begins as soon as you step into the limo. Limousines are usually loaded with drinks and little snacks, which puts you in a good mood even before you arrive at your destination. There is no problem waiting in elegance and comfort if a member of the party is running late.
  4. NO PARKING PROBLEM: When driving to an event, the subject of where to park arises, but this is not an issue with limos. Even though a limousine cannot easily pass through tight areas, you won’t have to bother about parking because your driver will drop you off at your exact destination and pick you up when it’s time to depart.


It’s not difficult to plan your golf limousine excursion. Get together with your pals and make a schedule for your dates, courses, and hotel. The next step is to look through our fleet of limos and reserve one that will comfortably fit you and your companions. You’ll love the travel almost as much as the game if you tell us what kinds of beverages and snacks to stock.

Are you looking forward to your golf limousine tour? Don’t wait any longer. To reserve a limo, call A & A Limousine Service now.

The Perfect Checklist for the Perfect Quinceanera

When girls of Latin American heritage turn 15, they have a quinceanera, a particular celebration. The occasion is usually lavish, and the preparations are similar to those for a wedding. Preparing for your quinceanera will require time and careful planning, but this checklist will make it easier for you to ensure that you have everything you need for a successful party.

Select a date:

Your quinceanera should be held on or near your fifteenth birthday, which means you’ll need to make reservations well in advance. If your birthday falls during a busy season, you may need to plan the ceremony and reserve the location up to a year ahead of time.

Make reservations:

When you’ve decided on a date for your quinceanera, call the church to see whether it’s available for your event. You can reserve the restaurant or dance venue where you want your party if the church agrees to the date. If the church is not available on the date you’ve picked, you’ll have to adapt your arrangements to fit the timetable they have available. You should reserve a limo for you and your court when you make your reservations for the chapel and the celebration location.


Make a budget:

You must first estimate the budget for the quinceanera before you begin creating party arrangements. You should budget for the venue reservation, food, entertainment, and decorations. You’ll also need to decide on a price range for your gown, as well as how much money you have to spend on your court’s dresses and tuxedos.

Buy clothing:

A quinceanera dress is usually a ball gown made especially for the girl who is celebrating her quinceanera. You’ll need to consult with a dressmaker about the color and pattern you want. If you are purchasing a ready-to-wear gown, you will need to try on several different styles to ensure that you select one that you truly adore. For your court, you’ll also need to find dresses and tuxedos.

Buy decorations and food:

Your budget and location will decide the decorations you use for your quinceanera. You can buy the decorations, but making them yourself will save you money on your quinceanera. You will also need to have food at your celebration.  If you have your party at a restaurant, the food will be prepared for you. Otherwise, you’ll need to arrange for a catered dinner.


Pick the Perfect Quinceañera Limousine

A limousine ride is an excellent way to make a Quinceanera special. A limousine’s grandeur and style may add to the sophistication and grace of a Quince party! You must choose the perfect limo for this special occasion, one that will transport you to the party in style and safety. Here are some pointers on how to pick the best limo for your Quinceanera.

  • Plan ahead: You might be overjoyed at the prospect of selecting a lovely gown and a pleasant location for your Quinceanera. However, you should make transportation arrangements as well. If your birthday is in April, May, or June, and you wait until a few weeks before your party to book a limo, you’ll find yourself searching in vain among numerous limo firms that are all booked for weddings and prom! It’s a good idea to book your limousine six to twelve months in advance; this will give you plenty of time to look around and choose the perfect limo.
  • Choose carefully: In your limousine, who will accompany you? What about your parents? What is the name of your Quinceanera court? It’s a good idea to book a limo with somewhat more room than you think you’ll require. Our limousines have seating capacities ranging from six to fourteen passengers. If you require even more space, book an SUV limo with a capacity of up to 20 passengers or a party bus with a capacity of up to 32 passengers! Make sure to discuss your needs with your limo service, and we’ll do our best to find you exactly what you’re searching for!

Call A&A limo service today!

A&A Limousine Service is one of the most professional firms in the industry. We have one of the largest and most diverse fleets of vehicles in Seattle, allowing us to provide the professional and dependable service our clients need and deserve. What makes us successful is our dedication to customer satisfaction. We offer travel services that are secure, distinctive, comfortable, and dependable. We only hire the best drivers and conduct thorough background checks before allowing them to operate a vehicle. Other services cannot make the same claim. Contact our office at 1-800-571-1008 for further information about renting a vehicle from a reputable company.

Our Duty of Care Commitment

Transporting human passengers day in and day out is not something we take lightly here at A&A Limousine & Bus Service. We have what is known as a “Duty of Care” to be ultra-safe in every action we take. Our industry takes the commitment of driving human beings so seriously that our trade shows and conventions are full of safety-oriented training sessions, driver training techniques and even a little bit of fun is thrown in with a Driver Skill Competition.


At A&A Limousine & Bus Service, we have dedicated ourselves to the duty of care of our passengers. We have an outstanding record of safety inspections by the Washington State Patrol and a reputation for providing excellent customer service.


As part the U.S. Infrastructure Bill that is under consideration in the Senate, there is a proposed amendment to improve federal safety standards for limousines. The amendment establishes a mandatory annual inspection for limo companies and will also provide funds to State law enforcement agencies that will remove unsafe limos from the road through enforcement and inspection efforts.


About Us


A&A Limousine & Bus Service offers our clients the absolute best luxury transportation services in more than 1100 cities in the world. No matter what city you engage our services, our operations require all affiliate partners to also exercise a duty of care while providing services. It is our duty to ensure that all chauffeurs providing service within our network keep you safe, as well as providing a luxurious and comfortable experience. Whenever you need ground transportation, you can confidently rely on A&A Limousine & Bus Service in any city.


Our Care


It is our goal to provide you with the most reliable and professional transportation services that are provided by highly trained, skilled professionals who must conform to our high standards. Here are some things that you should know:


Licensing and background checks

Before handing the keys over to a newly hired chauffeur, we conduct a background check to ensure the chauffeur has a valid driver’s license, a clean driving history and the proper endorsements needed for the assigned vehicle. Additionally, we run national criminal background checks. We reach out to the previous employers of our chauffeurs as required by Federal law to make sure there were no failed drug or alcohol tests during their previous employment.


We Hire the Best

To provide our clients with a comfortable and memorable experience, we follow a very strict process of hiring chauffeurs. Every chauffeur is required to have at least two years of commercial driving experience and no accidents or violations on their driving record. Additionally, chauffeurs are required to demonstrate driving skills and habits as part of the hiring process. Once hired, we provide additional training on defensive driving, personal safety and protection, client confidentiality, and proper customer service communications and procedures. Nothing is left to chance.


Your Safety and Privacy

Everyone in our company has great respect for the passengers we serve. We hold customer privacy and data security in the highest regard. Rest assured that your personal data and conversations are safe and secure after you receive our service.


Striving for Perfection

Being perfect doesn’t come easy. We start each day striving for perfection. We are always searching for new methods and ideas to improve our services. We constantly analyze customer feedback, service incidents, and even client compliments to examine how we can do even better in the future. That’s why hearing from you is so important to us. Feel free to send your personal comments, concerns or complaints to our President, Jess – It is our Duty of Care to listen to you.

Easy ways to reduce stress on a business trip

Traveling for a corporate event is stressful. From finding reliable transportation on time to managing the luggage, meeting deadlines, and navigating in unfamiliar cities, the anxiety runs down, and the opportunities for stress to flourish are multiplied when an executive is traveling. For business travelers, their time is crucial, and thus don’t get time to relieve stress. That’s why it is important to build a stress-relief routine for the moment when you feel like you are about to crack. Here are few ideas for relieving the stress:
  1. Get better sleep: This might seem easier, but there are only a few ways to improve your sleep during corporate travel. To create a better sleeping environment in your hotel room, research the quieter areas of the city and booking a hotel room there; if the option is open. Unfortunately, if you get undesirable rooms where the hotel will present you with significant additional noise while you are trying to sleep. Eye masks, earplugs, and similar tools will help you simulate darkness and silence if you’re trying to sleep during odd hours.
  2. Meditate: Sometimes, the number of projects, meetings, and seminars leave you overwhelmed. The pressure of the daily tasks and be involved can quickly lead to burnout which is the enemy of all productivity and happiness. Spend some time in quieter mornings with ambient sounds. Meditations will help you find a calm place, effectively reducing stress and helping you re-focus your energies.
  3. EXERCISE: When traveling for business, our workout routines come to a stop. Whether because of time or we are too unfamiliar with our surroundings. Missing exercise has detrimental effects on our stress levels. We would suggest you to book a hotel with a fitness center. Exercise is a great way to spike your energy and relieve stress. Take a walk around the city or the hotel if there is no fitness center.
  1. TURN OFF THE COMPUTER: Our professional life revolves around the computer, and many of us keep them running 24/7. Even when we are drained of any creative energy, we keep our tabs open. It is vital to get enough rest when you are on a business trip to balance long days and the time change.
  2. TRANSPORTATION: You have to struggle for finding a taxi and then navigating around using the maps and GPS. This exhausts you at the end of the day. For this, we suggest you book a relaxing and luxurious ride- A LIMOUSINE. It might sound weird, but it comes with many benefits such as you don’t have to navigate the GPS or get stuck in traffic. You will reach your destination on time and without getting frustrated.
Hire A&A Limousine next time visit for a business trip. When you travel with us, keep your worries at bay. We provide
  1. Privacy: you will have full privacy so that you can work in peace before the meeting starts.
  2. Safety: you will return safely after an exhausting evening. Booking with us means it is our responsibility to drop you safely.
  3. Wide range: we have a wide range of cars; you can pick one of your choices and enjoy the ride with our professional chauffeurs.
There is no perfect moment to hire a limo; it’s any time you feel like riding in style in a limo. Hire your ride with us today! Call us at 206-365-1008. AA LIMOUSINE AND BUS SERVICES: HELPING YOU TRAVEL IN STYLE SINCE 1994!

Woodinville Wine Tours: Enhance the Experience with a Limo Bus

Plan you summer with your friends to Woodinville where wine lovers from around the globe gather to taste Washington’s legends and discover new favorites. It is intimate, unhurried and accessible. What else does a friend’s trip demand for? You can spend each weekend exploring and enjoying new experiences, all in the company of your closest friends. With over 130 wineries from across the state, Woodinville is the beating heart of Washington wine. It’s where legendary producers and new upstarts trade tips while lending each other a hand in the cellar. It’s where wine staff and visitors from around the globe gather to eat and laugh and drink together. It’s not about the Ritz or the glitz—although it boasts more 90+ rated vintages than any wine region in the world—it’s about what wine can be when we strip away the pretense and drink it all in. A trip to Woodinville is about finding your new favorite wines—let us show you how to get there. Take a local guide and luxurious limo to make your experience worth remembering!
  1. Transportation without struggle: enjoy the night out with friends without transportation anxiety. By hiring a limousine, you will get a chance to reach your destination in time because the limousine renting companies provide you with the most reliable and trust-worthy drivers that drops at your destination without any trouble with all the extra level of comfort.
  2. Spacious: you don’t have hire separate transports for a group travel. You can all easily ride in a limo having fun. Your adventure will start as soon as you enter the limo. The entire group will get enough space to stay together all night with privacy and comfort. The limo service will leave no stone unturned to add life to your party.
  3. Efficient chauffeurs: chauffeurs will make sure they maintain a pleasant attitude and behavior throughout the ride facilitating the passengers with all the things they need for the enjoyable ride. The pleasant and cooperating of chauffeurs ensure the traditional standards of hiring a limousine and client satisfaction. The fully trained chauffeurs ensure the extensive background checks before riding their passengers to the destination to avoid any disrupt to the travelers.
  4. Secure ride: everyone deserves to party! No one has to drive from your friend’s gang and can equally have all the fun with complete insurance of everyone’s safety inside the limousine. Also everyone will be dropped safely to their homes.
  5. Luxurious experience: You will get the chance to enjoy the astounding sound system with various drinks with your loved ones on your way to the destination making your night better and memorable.
  6. Guidance: our chauffeurs will guide you to best wineries of Woodinville and make sure you reach at time and hassle-free.
For your next night out plan it with us! We promise to make it worthwhile. Wondering why us over every other limo service? Here are the perks of hiring “A&A Limo and Charter Bus Service for Woodinville”
  1. Affordable: we have such affordable renting prices to have mercy on your pocket. And also when hiring a party bus for group you can always split up the bill and enjoy the ride.
  2. Comfort: we offer the best combination of luxury and comfort. With plump cushion seats you will have the best ride.
  3. Professional drivers: our drivers will ensure that you enjoy your ride to the fullest by taking you through the best routes.
  4. Safety: hiring us means you are or responsibility! We will drop you home safely and will take care of your needs.
Hire us today to have a most memorable night out! Contact us pre- booking or visit our official website to know about our other services.

Make your entry to the prom royal

Prom is an important event in every teenager’s life. It is the last time to reconnect and meet everyone. It brings the students together promoting the school spirit. It is the chance to look back at memories, have fun together before everyone starts a new chapter of their lives. The night is all about wearing a nice dress or a tux and feeling special while making lasting memories. You should plan in advance for this event and take each detail into consideration. Talking about the details; from dress to nail art all is planned but what about the transportation? Who will take you the prom? To save your precious time and to enhance the style, the right transportation is the key! So why not hire a limo? Wondering why limousine for prom event? Here are some reasons or benefits for hiring a limo:
  1. Less worry: not only you but your parents will also worry less. Obviously your parents got many things to worry about. And most important to them is that you are safe. Hiring a professional limo means that only professional, experienced and trained person is behind the wheels. Also you don’t need to worry about navigating streets and finding a spot for parking. Your limo driver can do that. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the night with friends. And your parents will have peace of mind that you are in reliable hands that will get you and your friends to the dance and back home safely and on time.
  2. A fun ride: you don’t want your parents to drop you to prom or ask your friend to pick you up. To avoid embarrassment or a hassle of planning, book a limousine for your big day. And we promise to save your day and more sparkle to it. We will handle pick-up and drop-off. You can have a glamorous evening and your parents can relax at home knowing you are safe. Also booking a party bus will provide enough room for you and your friends to go to prom together. You can enjoy by talking, turning up the music and singing along, or taking photos. After all, prom night is all about entertainment and creating memories. And no one among you and your friends have to drive missing out on fun.
  3. Extend your evening: prom night doesn’t end with party. You can arrange an after party and invite all your friends to join you. Hiring a limo is convenient because most of the drivers know the area well, which is important if the celebration is located outside your high school. The chauffeur will make sure you arrive anywhere on time and safely.
  4. Show-up in style: prom is the perfect occasion for leaving a lasting impression on your classmates. Prom night is one of the memorable experiences in teenager’s life. It is something people will talk about even years later. Prom limo is something that will complement the formal attire and sense of the event. It represents style, class and luxury. Also hiring a limo will help you to make sure your outfit, hair, and makeup remain intact. This will also avoid you wrinkling your clothes by cramming yourselves in a tiny car.
Inside a limo you can get a fully stocked, a big TV, neon lights and many more depending upon the package or the model of limo you choose. When it comes to choosing a limousine service, it may seem like a difficult task since there are endless options out there. For an elegant event like prom, you want something that’s best and depicts your personality.   A&A limousine and bus services are happy to answer all the criteria. We are an experienced and professional company that provides the best limo service to their thousands of customers. Contact or visit us and we will ensure you we provide you with best.

Plan your next wine tasting tour with us

We offer Woodinville winery tours and wine tasting tour to our clients. Isn’t it luxurious to go on a winery tour in a luxury limo with your loved ones and enjoying your ride to the fullest? Wondering why you should go for a winery tour? We have the reasons to convince you!
  1. They are different: exclusive people need exclusive experiences and tasting wines gives you exclusive memories to remember. Not all wines are same not all wines taste same they are indeed different.
  2. Escape from the crowd: wine tours are a get away from crowds and big groups. You can enjoy winery at your own pace, let it grow on you and fall in love with it. Your vacations, your pace and your happiness.
  3. A stress free experience: in this hustle bustle of life everyone wants a stress free experience and winery tours offers that. Stress emerges out of doing activities under others’ rules or time. Private, personalized experiences are stress-free because they’re made for you and you alone.
Aren’t these reasons enough to go on winery tour right now? Off course! They are. Why not plan a winery tour today with us. Here is why you should choose us over everyone:
  1. Knowledgeable winery tour guides: our knowledgeable chauffeurs and guides will make you have best experience of your life. You will have someone who knows the best way to meet your request.
  2. Relax and enjoy: you don’t have to limit your fun as you will have someone at your service all the time. Our chauffeurs will take care of you and your loved ones with everything you want.
  3. Safety: once you have decided to travel with us you are now our responsibility. You don’t have to think about or traffic or driving we got you covered with us.
  4. Comfort: Our vehicles come in many sizes.  For example, we have a Mercedes Sprinter for large groups or a Party bus for those looking to dance their way to and from wineries. We also have a stretch limousine for the ones looking for a more luxurious experience or simply a comfortable and spacious SUV to accommodate smaller groups. By using our limo service, you can get the right vehicle that matches your comfort and needs.
  5. Convenience: Our vehicles will be at your convenience. Set whatever time you want to set and the pace between wineries. You will decide when the driver will arrive and when you will return to your hotel or home. You will be picked up and dropped off whenever and wherever you need.
  6. Affordable: we have affordable services which cost you less than DUI tickets.
As Washington has steadily moved into second place in wine production among American states, it has successfully built recognition for both value and high-end wines. Let us show you the wineries in style. Book your ride today with us for and elegant and classy winery tour. Call us to book and know about our other services.

Party harder in our party buses!

Live the party! Love the party! And host the party! Your friends are as special as you. Friends are like our second family and they deserve to feel special too. Imagine the look at their faces when they see a party bus drive up. Not only it depicts your expensive taste but is safe too. The only thing which has skyrocketed popularity is party bus. Still giving second thoughts to hire a party bus? Let us tell you the reasons to hire a party bus:
  1. Affordable: when all the friends chip in the entire cost, obviously it divides. We have MERCEDES BENZ LIMOUSINE SPRINTER COACH, Mini Limousine Coach, Ford F550 Limousine Coach and Chevrolet Kodiak C5500 Limousine Coach.
  2. Get the party started: don’t wait to reach the destination; start your party as soon as you get on the bus. With fully loaded bar and snacks enjoy the night out with your friends.
  3. Enjoy: In a party bus you only have one responsibility, that’s having as much fun as possible. Parking, traffic and all the other things will be our responsibility.
  4. Safety: it may not concern you but it does concern us. Everyone gets to party in party bus; your safety is our priority!
Making your every event colorful and manageable we are here at your service. Don’t get stuck in finding a parking, getting irritated in a party; enjoy your day with us with hustle free traveling. Hiring your bus take everything to a different level. A little more class, a lot less responsibility. Make your first impression better with us. Impress your clients and your mates with super luxurious ride. Who said you need to be rich to travel in limo? Nah! You just need to be active enough to book hire a limo with us today. No matter the event; the thought being chauffeured brings smile at everyone’s face. Imagine having a chauffeur polite and at your service! Sounds good! Doesn’t it? Any event with party buses is going to be memorable. We make perfect addition to your celebration with perfect sound system, capacity for large groups and party atmosphere. Go big with a party bus! The party bus can be your club with your music, great light show and cheaper drinks. You deserve to be treated like a VIP. Booking a party bus will automatically reduce your responsibility; make a special setting in which everyone participates. And off course it is less expensive than going out.  There is no perfect moment to hire a limo; it’s any time you feel like riding in style in a limo. Hire your ride with us today! Call us at: 206-365-1008. AA LIMOSOUINE AND BUS SERVICES: HELPING YOU TRAVEL IN STYLE SINCE 1994!

Uber Lyft vs AA Limousine & Bus Service

Have you tried to order an Uber recently? You likely found the wait time for a ride to be more than an hour and the fares have climbed to ridiculous levels that often exceed those of a professional transportation provider such as AA Limousine & Bus Service.

Aside from the pricing and on-demand service, there are many things that set us apart from a Transportation Network Company (TNC) such as Uber and Lyft. The most important is the fact that independent drivers are driving their own personal vehicles and cannot possibly match the same level of customer service, chauffeur training, overall safety and the high standards of excellence we provide.

Here are a few Pros & Cons about using a TNC Rideshare:



  • – A convenient option from anyplace/anytime
  • – Affordable rates
  • – Easy to arrange on demand


  • – TNC Drivers must buy special insurance as their personal auto insurance will not cover accidents while functioning as a TNC. Can you be sure that your Uber driver has done so?
  • – No drug or alcohol testing is required of Uber/Lyft drivers as mandated in our industry
  • – No 24/7 live dispatcher watching the vehicle on GPS
  • – No live person to speak to about a problem
  • – No criminal background checks completed with fingerprints
  • – Excessive claims of kidnapping, rape and assault of passengers by TNC drivers
  • – No formal safety training program for drivers
  • – Excessive/Unpredictable wait times
  • – A known history of No Shows and TNC initiated cancellations
  • – Not regulated in every state

When you hire a professional transportation provider such as AA Limousine & Bus Service, you never have to worry about any of the Cons shown above.

We are required to maintain standards that are much higher than those of an Uber driver. TNC drivers are Independent Contractors who are basically self-employed, work when they want and how they want with little to no oversight of their performance. In other words, you are literally on your own on for every ride.

When you choose a professional car service, you are guaranteed to ride in a vehicle that is properly insured. If a professional transportation provider’s insurance policy is canceled for any reason, the insurance carrier notifies the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) the same day. The “Authority to Operate” permit is immediately suspended. Airports such as Seattle and others have PUC enforcement officials onsite everyday who use automated license plate readers, commonly known as “alpers” (ALPR) to determine if a vehicle is registered to a transportation provider. It quickly verifies if the operating permit status is valid. The fines for operating illegally stop most companies from engaging in service while suspended.

AA Limousine & Bus Service provides a high level of professionalism that you can count on. We have a long list of satisfied customers that can attest to the fact that we will provide you with the safest, comfortable and efficient chauffeur services on the planet in any city in the world.