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Plan your next wine tasting tour with us

We offer Woodinville winery tours and wine tasting tour to our clients. Isn’t it luxurious to go on a winery tour in a luxury limo with your loved ones and enjoying your ride to the fullest? Wondering why you should go for a winery tour? We have the reasons to convince you!
  1. They are different: exclusive people need exclusive experiences and tasting wines gives you exclusive memories to remember. Not all wines are same not all wines taste same they are indeed different.
  2. Escape from the crowd: wine tours are a get away from crowds and big groups. You can enjoy winery at your own pace, let it grow on you and fall in love with it. Your vacations, your pace and your happiness.
  3. A stress free experience: in this hustle bustle of life everyone wants a stress free experience and winery tours offers that. Stress emerges out of doing activities under others’ rules or time. Private, personalized experiences are stress-free because they’re made for you and you alone.
Aren’t these reasons enough to go on winery tour right now? Off course! They are. Why not plan a winery tour today with us. Here is why you should choose us over everyone:
  1. Knowledgeable winery tour guides: our knowledgeable chauffeurs and guides will make you have best experience of your life. You will have someone who knows the best way to meet your request.
  2. Relax and enjoy: you don’t have to limit your fun as you will have someone at your service all the time. Our chauffeurs will take care of you and your loved ones with everything you want.
  3. Safety: once you have decided to travel with us you are now our responsibility. You don’t have to think about or traffic or driving we got you covered with us.
  4. Comfort: Our vehicles come in many sizes.  For example, we have a Mercedes Sprinter for large groups or a Party bus for those looking to dance their way to and from wineries. We also have a stretch limousine for the ones looking for a more luxurious experience or simply a comfortable and spacious SUV to accommodate smaller groups. By using our limo service, you can get the right vehicle that matches your comfort and needs.
  5. Convenience: Our vehicles will be at your convenience. Set whatever time you want to set and the pace between wineries. You will decide when the driver will arrive and when you will return to your hotel or home. You will be picked up and dropped off whenever and wherever you need.
  6. Affordable: we have affordable services which cost you less than DUI tickets.
As Washington has steadily moved into second place in wine production among American states, it has successfully built recognition for both value and high-end wines. Let us show you the wineries in style. Book your ride today with us for and elegant and classy winery tour. Call us to book and know about our other services.

Party harder in our party buses!

Live the party! Love the party! And host the party! Your friends are as special as you. Friends are like our second family and they deserve to feel special too. Imagine the look at their faces when they see a party bus drive up. Not only it depicts your expensive taste but is safe too. The only thing which has skyrocketed popularity is party bus. Still giving second thoughts to hire a party bus? Let us tell you the reasons to hire a party bus:
  1. Affordable: when all the friends chip in the entire cost, obviously it divides. We have MERCEDES BENZ LIMOUSINE SPRINTER COACH, Mini Limousine Coach, Ford F550 Limousine Coach and Chevrolet Kodiak C5500 Limousine Coach.
  2. Get the party started: don’t wait to reach the destination; start your party as soon as you get on the bus. With fully loaded bar and snacks enjoy the night out with your friends.
  3. Enjoy: In a party bus you only have one responsibility, that’s having as much fun as possible. Parking, traffic and all the other things will be our responsibility.
  4. Safety: it may not concern you but it does concern us. Everyone gets to party in party bus; your safety is our priority!
Making your every event colorful and manageable we are here at your service. Don’t get stuck in finding a parking, getting irritated in a party; enjoy your day with us with hustle free traveling. Hiring your bus take everything to a different level. A little more class, a lot less responsibility. Make your first impression better with us. Impress your clients and your mates with super luxurious ride. Who said you need to be rich to travel in limo? Nah! You just need to be active enough to book hire a limo with us today. No matter the event; the thought being chauffeured brings smile at everyone’s face. Imagine having a chauffeur polite and at your service! Sounds good! Doesn’t it? Any event with party buses is going to be memorable. We make perfect addition to your celebration with perfect sound system, capacity for large groups and party atmosphere. Go big with a party bus! The party bus can be your club with your music, great light show and cheaper drinks. You deserve to be treated like a VIP. Booking a party bus will automatically reduce your responsibility; make a special setting in which everyone participates. And off course it is less expensive than going out.  There is no perfect moment to hire a limo; it’s any time you feel like riding in style in a limo. Hire your ride with us today! Call us at: 206-365-1008. AA LIMOSOUINE AND BUS SERVICES: HELPING YOU TRAVEL IN STYLE SINCE 1994!

Uber Lyft vs AA Limousine & Bus Service

Have you tried to order an Uber recently? You likely found the wait time for a ride to be more than an hour and the fares have climbed to ridiculous levels that often exceed those of a professional transportation provider such as AA Limousine & Bus Service.

Aside from the pricing and on-demand service, there are many things that set us apart from a Transportation Network Company (TNC) such as Uber and Lyft. The most important is the fact that independent drivers are driving their own personal vehicles and cannot possibly match the same level of customer service, chauffeur training, overall safety and the high standards of excellence we provide.

Here are a few Pros & Cons about using a TNC Rideshare:



  • – A convenient option from anyplace/anytime
  • – Affordable rates
  • – Easy to arrange on demand


  • – TNC Drivers must buy special insurance as their personal auto insurance will not cover accidents while functioning as a TNC. Can you be sure that your Uber driver has done so?
  • – No drug or alcohol testing is required of Uber/Lyft drivers as mandated in our industry
  • – No 24/7 live dispatcher watching the vehicle on GPS
  • – No live person to speak to about a problem
  • – No criminal background checks completed with fingerprints
  • – Excessive claims of kidnapping, rape and assault of passengers by TNC drivers
  • – No formal safety training program for drivers
  • – Excessive/Unpredictable wait times
  • – A known history of No Shows and TNC initiated cancellations
  • – Not regulated in every state

When you hire a professional transportation provider such as AA Limousine & Bus Service, you never have to worry about any of the Cons shown above.

We are required to maintain standards that are much higher than those of an Uber driver. TNC drivers are Independent Contractors who are basically self-employed, work when they want and how they want with little to no oversight of their performance. In other words, you are literally on your own on for every ride.

When you choose a professional car service, you are guaranteed to ride in a vehicle that is properly insured. If a professional transportation provider’s insurance policy is canceled for any reason, the insurance carrier notifies the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) the same day. The “Authority to Operate” permit is immediately suspended. Airports such as Seattle and others have PUC enforcement officials onsite everyday who use automated license plate readers, commonly known as “alpers” (ALPR) to determine if a vehicle is registered to a transportation provider. It quickly verifies if the operating permit status is valid. The fines for operating illegally stop most companies from engaging in service while suspended.

AA Limousine & Bus Service provides a high level of professionalism that you can count on. We have a long list of satisfied customers that can attest to the fact that we will provide you with the safest, comfortable and efficient chauffeur services on the planet in any city in the world.

Maple Valley Party Bus

A&A Limo Party has it all for you comfort and your convenience!!

Party Buses are known for the lavish treatment but if you"re looking discipline too then you should connect with us at A- A Limo. Also, we have started the rental bus service in the city of Maple Valley and it is going to be a great way of party transfers for the people of Maple Valley.



From having a huge variety in the rental party buses to having all the buses in great state, we take care of your every small thing. There is no kind of compromise done by us in giving our clients super service by offering rental Party Buses at very affordable rates. Other than rates, it is the special luxuries like plush seats, advanced technology, flat TV screen, minibar and a lot of such extra luxuries which will be offered by us through A- A Limo Party Bus to the people of Maple Valley. We are available for any type of party transfer, either it is a drop to the wedding or just a weekend club hopping, we will take care of everything.

BOOK A-A Limo Party Bus:

In the city of Maple Valley, you can enjoy the A-A Limo Party Bus Services on very genuine rates and make your party transfers super comfy. The whole process of booking Party Bus through us is one simple process as all you need to do is to connect with us. One can book A- A Limo Party Bus in Maple Valley by just one click and then you can have a great time riding in the most amazing vehicle. Either it is a party transfer or a drop to the wedding, all the group drop done by A- A Limo Party Bus is the most amazing one.

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Seattle Trolley Bus

Seattle Newest Trolleys!

Our authentic San Francisco style Trolleys are built with endless upgrades that will ensure comfort and elegance. The vintage style pin stripping, conductors platform and timeless charm make these Seattle Trolleys a unique and memorable experience!
  • Fully climate controlled
  • Authentic brass features – including bells!
  • Stereo system w/ CD, iPod adaptor
  • PA System
  • Suitable for all roadways